My friend who’s helping me learn to tank had a bit of a brilliant idea for a pair of tanks in PvP. I’m not going to share the builds out of respect for him, but man, tanking is a lot of fun, and PvP tanking did not disappoint!

Sayyida wasn’t planned to be a PvP tank… Saturday morning I actually wanted to practice tanking PvE content, but not many friends were on.. And, I love running with my friends, but we tend to just fly through the normal dungeons, and we haven’t done a vet in a while, which means there really isn’t much opportunity for me to really practice being a tank. I don’t like to join random groups, but decided to Saturday morning anyways for the practice, so I queued up for a random normal. The queue popped right away and off to Banished Cells II I was! (normal, of course.)

It ended up going really well. The group was very respectful and didn’t pull before the tank – something I’ve done as a DPS, however, not something I’ve experienced too much as a tank in dungeons, running with my… ambitious friends, haha. I need to do this more often, 4-5 times a week if I can.

Anyways, back to PvP tanking. Total blast! I’m used to dying quite easily with my stamina NB, Vivienne. I stay close with the group for protection, and it is fun, don’t get me wrong. But tanking in PvP, being able to distract the enemy players and immobilize them with talons, or bring them back with chains for the DPS in the group to take care of, and to be able to SURVIVE! At one point we were taking a keep and I was one of the first to the top floor, where there were at least 10-12 enemy players. My health was down to 1%, but green dragonblood saved me and I didn’t die. We ended up wiping the enemy out and taking the keep. At another point, we had just taken a keep and were waiting for our next instructions and a stealthed enemy came out and attacked me. Their initial attacks took away about 50% of my max health (20k/40k) and I was stunned. Another tank was next to me, which helped me survive, and I recovered. By that time other group members had noticed and we chased the player down and ended him, haha.

So, totally a blast. I think a few nights this week I’ll be tanking in PvP, for the practice and the fun of it 🙂