A few weeks ago someone show me a video of a magicka NB bomber in PvP… Nightblades are my favorite class, and recently I’ve been thinking I want a dedicated PvP character. My main, Vivienne, can do PvP, but is really built more for PvE content, and I’ve focused pretty hardcore lately on improving my rotation to maximize my DPS with her. I was also doing quite a few trials at one point, but over the past week or so that has really slowed down due to guilds changing schedules and leaving a guild. So now, I only have one trial a week, Monday night’s, vAA. I want to join another trials guild, but I haven’t found one that fits with me quite yet, and I’m ok just waiting until I can find a good one.

Until then, I thought I should get into some more PvP, since I’m in a great PvP guild, Dominant Dominion. I was originally going to make a magicka sorcerer, but then some people in DD were talking about how helpful magicka nightblades are… and I love nightblades, so I decided to make a nightblade and try to get her leveled up before this 100% XP event ends (this Wednesday at 10AM EST, btw!) Spoiler: my friends helped me level her from 1-50 in like, 8 hours. So, yeah, I now have a magicka nightblade at max level. Now comes the skyshard and lorebook collecting!

Vex is a dunmer. I was torn between high elf and dark elf, but ultimately I would like to use her as a bomber and run with small groups, so dunmer it was. She’s also a vampire for the magicka regen and will be running a destruction staff and restoration staff. I really have no idea on a rotation or anything yet… I made her some CP150 gear (cheaper than CP160) for the skyshard hunting and lorebook collecting. I’m hoping to get her set up for PvP within the next 2 weeks.

So, yeah, 3 max level character now. That’s pretty damn exciting!