I don’t have much experience with White Gold Tower, even as a DPS. And I get nervous easily, so I was quite nervous tanking it. Luckily one of the guys in our group has been farming WGT, so he’s very familiar with the fights and took the time to explain the fights and where I needed to tank. We also had a member of the group who had never done WGT, so we already needed to explain the mechanics to him. We did it on normal and it went really well. I won’t go over the boss fights in detail, as there are plenty of better resources than I for learning mechanics and fights. But… The most exciting part was the fight where you actually fight 3 bosses at the same time.

Micella Carlinus, Otho Numida, and Cordius Pontifio are the bosses. A dragonknight, nightblade, and healer. This is kind of a cool fight, our groups tend to take down the DK, the NB, then the healer. So, the fight started a bit rough as there is a strategy where the tank stands on this pedestal and chains the 3 bosses onto it. This is difficult, and I died. A party member got me up and we changed strategies. At one point, everyone but me, the tank, died. I was really proud of myself because I managed to get 1-2 of the other members of the group up and I saved the group! We could’ve just wiped… But honestly, I wanted to practice. So, I stayed up, built my ultimate resurrected. It was really a lot of fun! That was really the only sticky part in the dungeon. So, yeah, I’m getting the hang of this tanking stuff, just need more practice 🙂

Oh… and on my list to do today, edit Sayyida’s hair. I really don’t like how her medium to light brown hair works with the vampire pale-ness… Just not feeling it, haha.