I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for this, but I had some good encouragement from friends and my ‘tank mentor’/friend. I was a bit excited, as HRC is my favorite trial – but I was also really, really nervous. I’ve run through HRC a few times with my DPS and know the top fight pretty well, but I’ve only run the bottom once… A long time ago. And the tank has to go on the bottom. So, yeah, nervous. Lol.

I think it went pretty well… My friends told me I did well. There were two sticky spots… one was on the bottom with the Welwa’s. The tank needs to keep the welwa’s taunted and away from the group. There are two to start, with a 3rd joining a bit into the fight. I probably cast a few abilities prior to needing to, and ran out of resources. I didn’t die, but lost taunt on 1 of the welwa’s, then when I got it back I lost taunt on another. Luckily we were nearing the end of the fight, but really, it was a bit of a mess on my end. I need more practice keeping taunt on multiple mobs in a sustained situation.

Then there were the gargoyles. The top and bottom group reconvene for this fight, luckily. My friend tanked one gargoyle, and I tanked the other. Once we got them away from the group, both of them started pounding at the same time and we had overlapped their attacks. I ran out of resources and died, then my friend also died. Luckily we didn’t wipe, we got up and recovered pretty well. But yeah, another bit of a mess.

Then… the Warden… I really like this fight. The scene, the boss, the mechanics, just altogether cool. The mechanics aren’t super complicated or anything, but I think it’s a fun fight. This was my first time tanking it, and I was prepped with the expectation that as a tank, I would die. Unfortunately, while were going over the mechanics of the fight someone pulled and started the fight before me, the tank (which is not something anyone should do, especially in normal trials/vet content.) It was a bit difficult for me to position the Warden at first, but I got him positioned and tanked the shit out of him, haha. I can’t hold it in, this fight was awesome to tank. Really cool. I was nervous the entire time, but I didn’t die. There was at least once he turned on the group and threw his shield. I know that happens, but it’s still frustrating. We also had really good DPS, so most of the bosses went down quickly.

So yeah… Tanked my first trial only 4 days into tanking… Pretty exciting. I’m really looking forward to getting more proficient at it. I need more experience to get a better feel for my buffs. With my DPS my rotation cycles around endless hail, and without even looking at my cooldown timers I know when it’s going to end and when to recast. I can’t wait to get that proficient at tanking, because right now I get a bit too focused on my cool down timers/recasting buffs, which makes me less situationally aware. Like with the Warden, ideally the tank can tell the group when the shield throw is coming, and let them know to block. Of course, they should all be aware as well, but we all lose track of shit sometimes and it’s nice to hear calls. So… more practice for me! 🙂

Overall though, and I almost hate to admit it, tanking is a fucking blast, and Dragon Knight’s are a fucking blast. I think I need to roll a DK DPS… Those talons and chains are a lot of fun.