Over the weekend I managed to get Sayyida to level 50! One of the things I really like about ESO is their leveling system. I know there are others that don’t like it, but I really like that they let you use your champion points on new characters, and when your new character hits level 50, it’s level jumps to your current CP level. So, my main character, Vivienne, was at CP300 something, and when Sayyida hit level 50, she became the same level. I leveled her mainly by dolmen farming in Alik’r, outside of the last 3 levels. For those I found a friend to take me to do some grinding in Skyreach Catacombs, so those last 3 levels took like, 5 minutes, haha.

I’m fortunate to have Jaanpw as a friend and he’s also fabulous tank, so I’m taking his advice on pretty much everything. He regularly tanks vet content, including vet trials. So, he knows what he’s doing. He also streams/uploads on twitch, so head over and check him out! Ok, back on topic, we got my tank geared out and ready! So far I know the basics of tanking. I’ve done some normal dungeons (not an official group, just duoing so I can learn a bit.) I did get talked into off-tanking Maw of Lorkhaj… I mean, considering I had been tanking for maybe 1-2 hours, it went pretty well I think. The main jobs of the off tank seem to include getting the two-handed mobs, who can wreck the group, and there is a boss fight with what people refer to as ‘the twins’, Vashai and S’kinrai, where you need two tanks. It was a bit complicated because I didn’t have a ranged taunt, but a DPS did. So, he range taunted, and when the boss got close enough, I taunted him.

Lastnight I was able to get Sayyida’s undaunted level to 3, allowing me to unlock the ranged taunt, Inner Fire, which means I’m ready to really get into this tanking thing… So far, the worst part about the build I’m using is I have no DPS. I can’t kill anything on my own, haha. I have noticed though tanking offers a bit more of strategic thought, which I like. Honestly though, the chains and talons on a Dragonknight are quite fun and I’m really tempted to roll out a DK DPS character… I’ll add it to my list with my magicka Nightblade, hahaha.

Oh, and, for magicka regen, Sayyida was turned into a vampire! I haven’t done the vampire line yet… But I do wish I would’ve thought ahead, because he hair color really doesn’t go well with her new, pale/moonlit skin color… I see an appearance change token in my future. Lol.