The past day or two has been a bit boring, so I wasn’t sure what to share, but then I remembered that this past Monday the trials guild I’m in had an AMAZING run in veteran Aetherian Archive (vAA)! This was my 3rd time running vAA with this guild. We run vAA on Monday evenings and we’ve completed it all 3 times, but this past Monday was definitely the best.

There are a lot of the challenges in vAA, but for me, the biggest challenge has been the Lightening Storm Atronach boss. This boss will summon lightening that will kill everyone. At that point, a beam of light comes down from the sky and a pad illuminates on the ground. That pad is the only safe spot in the area to stand. You will die, quickly, if you are not on that pad. There are 5 ‘spawn’ points for the pad and there are various ways of calling them. Our group has developed a pretty efficient system for calling. We have an amazing tank who orients the boss in the same direction every time the lightening phase ends, and then someone in the group calls the pad location on the next phase. We use left, forward, pads, right, back to call the pad locations. We used to use the clock method, but it was a bit confusing for some people in the group (namely, me, hahaha.)

So, the first week we did the clock way of calling. The second week we changed to this new system and did better. And then the third time, this past week, we did really awesome. Our tank also realized  if he spams his shield people are less likely to die on their run to the pad. So, we are all learning and we are all improving, it’s really exciting to have made so much progress!

On this run we also didn’t have any wipes through the trial at all, which was super exciting. We also made the speed run, if I remember correctly. I don’t remember what our score was, I’m not so good at paying attention to scores, haha. We all did great and had fun, which is really all that matters.

I have to give a shout out to my friend and the main tank in our group, he’s the reason I got into this guild and everyone in the guild is awesome. No egos, lots of knowledge and willingness to teach and help. A really great group of people.

(also, please excuse the screenshot. I don’t actually have a screenshot from vAA at all. Note to self: take screenshot in trials going forward, even if my graphics suck.)