Last night, since ESO announced a new event (which I’ll talk more about a bit later) with a 100% XP boost was starting, after our veteran Aetherian Archive trial ended (which went unbelievably well, btw), I decided to venture into Maelstrom Arena on normal. I wish I had the ability to stream it, but my computer just can’t handle it. I did learn though, that my Mac has a built in recording feature with Quicktime, and I’m going to play around with recording later tonight. Over the weekend a few friends helped me edit some settings to improve performance, which has drastically helped! My graphics aren’t very clean, but the movement is smooth, which has helped me a lot in complicated fights. Anyways, I’m getting distracted.

MAELSTROM ARENA! Fuck yeah. I did it! Just normal, but still, haha. I kind of like a challenge, so I intentionally didn’t look anything up regarding the rounds. I think I did pretty well. There are 9 rounds. I didn’t die until the 5th round, Rink of Frozen Blood. I don’t even remember what killed me, but I was on the last round with the giant and all of the ice pads had been destroyed. I did, however, kill that Giant on my second go, haha.

Then… the 6th round. Spiral Shadows. My least favorite round, but probably one that is very good for me to have to go through. When I started I didn’t even notice the little poison pods around. They tend to explode, quickly. And for Vivienne, with her 17k health, it was a one shot kill. So.. I think I died like 3 times before figuring that one out. Then I made it to the end boss in this round, and died 3 times to his scream. I ended up getting a tip from a friend on that one. Apparently, you have to get to him and interrupt him when he’s screaming, or it’s a one shot kill. This was by far the most difficult round for me. Which isn’t too surprising, I tend to move around way to much, and I’m not too great at interrupting bosses. I tend to be a bit more evasive and I try to run away. That is dangerous when there are poison pods in nearly every direction around you that randomly burst. But, I finally made it through this round and debated on stopping… Because this round was pretty frustrating, and it was already 1AM.

I decided to move along, and finished the rest of the arena without real issue, and I didn’t die again, which was nice, haha. On the last boss it took me a minute to figure out the portals, but once I figured that out, it really wasn’t bad at all.

I’ve been told to memorize the spawn points of all of the mobs to help with veteran mode, which is a bit off, I think. Well, at least completing it is a bit off. I think I’m going to work on 1-2 rounds at a time on normal and get them down really well, then try them on vet, and take it a bit slow. I’ve heard and read vMA is unbelievably more difficult than normal, so again, it’s way off for me, haha.