That’s right! Sad the 100% XP boost from the Jester’s Festival is gone? FEAR NOT! ESO is celebrating their 3rd birthday and hosting a special event which includes…. CAKE! I’m particularly excited about the cake. It can be a bit fun to place cakes in somewhat annoying places. Like, in front of doors, on top of chests, or even in front of a boss as a peace offering. Since I’ve only been playing the game since the end of January, I don’t have the in game cake, as it was only available for a limited time. But now… now, ya’ll better watch out! Because I’m going to have cake! HAHAHAHA!

Anyways… the other exciting part about getting the cake, is that it will give you and anyone who eats a slice a 2 hour 100% XP boost! This event started today at 10AM EST, when the Jester’s festival ended. Now, one of my friends had a fabulous idea… So, before logging off last night I had bot of my characters eat the pie for the 2 hour XP boost. Today, I logged in and got the cake right away. In theory, then you could get 200% XP! Turns out though… they don’t stack, haha. The cake, just like the pie, will stack with an XP potion/ESO plus membership/Pledge of Mara, but it didn’t stack with the pie. Oh well, 100% more XP  is still a wonderful thing!

The 100% XP boost from the cake will be active for 2 hours after eating cake until April 18th, 10AM EST. After that, we all can still place and eat our cakes, but the XP boost will be gone. I’ve been thinking of starting a magicka Nightblade for PvP… I have a feeling this would be a good time to level one… But I hate the grind… I really do. Lol. I’m also quite busy with my main character, Vivienne. So we’ll see.