I know I’ve been silent for a while, but don’t fret! I have been playing quite a bit of ESO, just haven’t been writing about it! I moved about 3 weeks ago and am settling into a new situation and routine.

I even started a new character, an Imperial DK. With the Jester’s festival going on, you can get double XP by eating the pie… You’d think I would’ve leveled my new character prior to the last 24 hours, but no, I’ve been distracted, haha. Double XP ends Tueday at 10AM EDT, so I have 22+ hours to do this… Tonight I have a veteran Aetherian Archive run, and I’ve been trying not to stay up too late at night (but mostly failing at that.) So… today… I’m going to try like hell to get my DK up to 50 before double XP ends tomorrow morning. At the start of today, she is level 22… And I don’t get much time to play until about 8:30PM EST… So we’ll see, haha.

Oh! And my new character, her name is Sayyida Narri. She’s named after a pirate queen of the 16th century, Sayyida al Hurra. I thought it was fitting for a tank, haha.


I’ve mostly been grinding her up at dolmens in Alik’r Desert. There is almost always a group to join in on, and when you have the pie and an XP potion (like Psijic Ambrosia) you can really level quickly. The rotation includes the Hollow Waste, Tigonus, and Myrkwasa dolmens.

P.S. There are a lot of people in game bitching about the XP pie not work or the event ending early… My pie is still giving me double XP, so…?

Update I: My XP pie wore off and won’t re-activate. All those peeps bitching seemed to be correct! Not cool ZOS, not cool at all.

Update II: The pie has been fixed and gives a 100% XP boost! Woot! At this time Sayyida is to level 35… Only 15 more! XD