The other day Vivienne was invited to do her first set of trials!!! It was quite exciting, really. I’ve been wanting to do a trial, but it takes a large group, up to 12 people, and I haven’t seen anyone really looking for people to join their trial. Then, the other day, a guy I’ve been playing with a bit asked if I wanted to join the trial he has just joined. Luckily, I was in a position to be able to say yes! XD

The first trial we did was Hel-Ra Citadel. It wasn’t too bad. At one point we had to split into two groups and meet for a central boss. We had enough, high level people that the bosses went down really quickly. I think I died once, until the final boss, in which a number of us ended up dead on several occassions, haha.

Then we did Sactum Ophidia… and this one was a bit different. A lot of trolls. Like, a lot of them. At one point too, you get this contagious poison if you walk through it, and then it can be passed to other members of the group. We were just on normal mode, so it wasn’t too bad. However, it was mentioned that on veteran mode, you really have to be careful because that shit will take you (and team members) down! This trial seemed a bit more difficult than Hel-Ra Citadel, but also a bit more fun… That is, until I fell into a fucking hole, hahaha.

Overall it was a really great experience for my first couple of trials! The group was very nice to run with, very kind, and patient. They explained bosses when needed and it wasn’t a big deal when people died – my kind of group! I’m pretty excited to try another trial, but I think I’ll have to be a bit patient, haha.

Screen shot credit to At0m, who invited me to the trial and was smart enough to grab a screen shot, unlike myself, haha.