I know I haven’t written in a while – a lot has happened in the past week! I won’t go into gory details, but I left AoH, the guild that taught me so much! What a DPS role was, my first dungeons, trials, etc. It’s quite sad, but unfortunately things went south between the guildmaster and several of us, and that handful of us left the guild. The drama and stress just wasn’t worth it.

So, I’ve been trying to level up and get into some other guilds. Luckily I’ve had some help from a few friends and now am in 3 (yes, three!) trading guilds! I’m learning a bit about the economic climate and how to make money in the game, which is nice. I’m over 100k coins now! XD

And last night, finally, Vivienne hit CP160!!! I’m so excited! Of course it never would’ve worked without the help of a handful of people – you know who you are, thank you ❤

I’ve been thinking about what armor sets I want to invest in… It’s a tough decision really, because there are several good options to farm out there. I’m not far enough along in my trait research, nor do I have the required materials to craft my own set… So, for now, I’m going to try to farm the Spriggan’s Thorns set, which you can get in Bangkorai. It adds max stamina, max stamina, weapon damage, and physical penetration when wearing the full, 5 piece set. I already have one CP160 piece, and 1 CP150 piece, and I’m rather fond of Bangkorai for some reason, haha. I’m not sure yet what jewelry I’ll pair with it, that will take some more thought. You can wear 7 armor pieces, 1 necklace, and 2 rings. Since I do dual wielding, I have 2 weapons as well. So there is the potential to wear 2, 5 piece sets and 2 pieces of another. Again, I need to put a bit of thought into what else to add after the Spriggin’s Thorns set.

However, after I get this first set figured out, I’d really like to go after the Strength of the Automation Set… It offers, Max health, max stamina, weapon damage, and weapon damage when wearing 5 pieces… Who knows, maybe I can get both the Spriggan’s set and Automations set? That would be wonderful!

Oh – side note, I got a new mount! I learned the other day what crown crates were, a bit of a racket really, ESO. You buy crates with crowns (which cost real money), and then you get crates where you get a random set of 4 items. I bought 4 crates, got some non-combat pets, but also got the Frost Mare! Woot! Need to rename her though…

Well, guess I better get out there and get farming, haha. Hit me up if you want to run together – @Antoinette57 in ESO 🙂