Part of my problem in this game is I keep dying… Which is expected to happen for a newbie at lower levels, of course. But sometimes, I don’t want to die. Sometimes, I want to live. As an Imperial Nightblade, Vivi doesn’t have many skills in the way of self healing through her race or class. Luckily though, there is Vigor… Vigor is a skill in the Alliance skill set which heals you and your allies over time. A useful skill.

You get Vigor by fighting in the Alliance War in PvP land (Cyrodiil.) I went on a mission earlier this week to get Vigor. I was at Rank 3 and like, 40% after the weekend PvP group. Another solid 4 hours in Cyrodiil seemed to do the trick, and I unlocked it! Then… where was I going to slot it? I just recently figured out how to use skills to apply buffs and all of that stuff… I ended up moving a buff to my back-up bar and put Vigor on my main bar – I need to be able to get to it quick, haha. I’ve learned a lot about build and that type of stuff, but maybe that’s for another post. There’s a lot to talk about regarding skills, abilities, etc.

I ran around and tested out using Vigor a bit doing some PvE quest stuff, but I don’t really need it there. I need it in dungeons and group things. Last night was my first chance to use it in a dungeon, and it absolutely came in handy! I saved myself a few times, which was nice because we didn’t have a healer, haha. Anyways… I’m excited to have Vigor now, and can relax on the PvP a bit. Although, now I have my eye set on Caltrops… Which I honestly haven’t thought much about, but there’s a bit of hype around it.