So… Apparently, one day this past week, I did my first veteran dungeon! See, the thing is, when I did it, I had no idea it was veteran, and not normal, haha. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference, vet dungeons tend to be more difficult than normal dungeons, but with the extra difficulty comes greater rewards as well.

The dungeon we did was Blackheart Haven. The other 3 players in our group were quite a bit higher level than me, which is probably why I didn’t even notice it was a vet dungeon. I died a few times, but nothing ridiculous. I’ve definitely died more in normal dungeons, haha. I was actually really excited because from the last boss I got a jack from the Pirate Tatter’s Set – which is medium armor (YAY!) It’s also a nice set for my stamina based character, giving boosts to max stamina and stamina recovery. Although, for my final set, I really would like to have something that adds to max stamina/stamina recovery, and weapon damage, as I would like to take down those bosses quicker than I currently am.

I doubt I’ll do many for vet dungeons in the near future, as I need to level up a bit more. Of course, if a bunch of higher level people want to take me, I’m willing to go again 😉