Last night Vivienne hit level 50! When I logged on she was level 49 and like, 42%. Another guild member got online (her goal was to hit level 45), so we went and killed Dreughs until we both leveled up! We went to Vivec’s Antlers in Stonefalls (see map.) That whole coast is full of things to kill that just keep respawning – just mind the boss! If you have a large enough group with a good healer, I’d recommend grinding in Skyreach Catacombs in Craglorn.

Yesterday was PVP day in our guild, so a small handful of us went to Cyrodill. I was hoping to increase my Alliance rank so I can unlock Vigor, but that didn’t work. Ugh, I so suck at PVP right now! Most of the people who play over there are very high level, are hard to kill, and hit hard. Also, a guild member and I discussed how it is likely they are using poisons to help incapacitate enemies… So, I also need to work on my alchemy skills (too bad real life chemistry skills don’t apply, haha!) I’m hoping next time maybe we can get a bigger group and use some siege weapons and get some strategy going. I ended up leading this group, but I’m not very knowledgable on the topic. I also left my ballista in the bank and forgot where to buy more. So, that’s totally not helpful. But, on the upside, I at least know how to get in and out of Cyrodill now, which is good, because I had to explain it to a few people, haha.

In any case, I’m so excite to finally be ‘ink the ranks’ (above level 50). I’m really itching to be able to do more damage on my own, and help my groups out more in dungeons. Sometimes dying gets old, haha.

Now, I have to read about Champion Points and figure out the best way to spend them. This article, though old, seems a good start.