I just had to take that screen shot… It looks like Vivienne is a queen, haha. We had just killed a bunch of stuff and were looking at where to go next, so using the emotes Vivi decided to sit down and take a breather while the men did their thing, hahaha. This is one of my favorite screenshots I think.

Last night when I got online I was level 40. In our awesome guild (Allegiance of Honor), our daily event was world bosses. We had a group of 4-6 as people joined and left. We hit all of the bosses in Coldharbour and then all of the bosses in Bangkorai. It all went really well, not too much dying. We even hit a dolmen or two along the way and did some fishing while waiting for bosses to respawn… Now I need to look up fishing, haha.

Once we finished, a few of us were still on and some of the more experienced players wanted to do a pledge (and I learned last night a pledge is a group dungeon quest through the Undaunted. 🙂 ) The problem was… I wasn’t a high enough level. I was only 42 after the boss runs and you need to be level 45 to do the pledges.

The group took me to a group dungeon in Craglorn. The other DPS, who was extremely knowledgable and had a lot of experience, actually took the strategy of pulling sections of mobs to a location, and then killed the entire group in one spot. I was a bit nervous at first, but it worked, and we got through the dungeon in like, 15-20 minutes about. I survived, thanks to our healer and the tank throwing some off heals. I’d never seen this strategy used, but I can see where it would become very helpful at times like this, where you want to level up your character quickly, and you have higher level players to help you out (and keep you alive, haha.) Our guildmaster (GM) also gave me an Psijic Ambrosia potion, which boosted my experience for 30 minutes. It didn’t take too long to hit level 45. The potion lasted for 30 minutes, and we had a few minutes to spare.

Then I got my letter from the Undaunted! Since I’m in the Aldemeri Dominion, we went to Eldenroot to collect a pledge! Our pledge took us to Darkshade Caverns II. I had done this dungeon before, although I still seem to have some issues with the last boss. I did some reading today and turns out my issue was I was getting to far away from the boss. At one point there’s poison, and you need to stay close to the boss to stay alive. Well, lastnight in the heat of the battle, I thought poison meant run away. So… I ran right into the poison. Numerous times. And died. Numerous times. Oops. Lol.

After that dungeon, we did another, Tempest Island. This one went pretty well and without many problems. I can see why people do the veteran level dungeons when they get to higher levels, because it gets a bit too easy.

It was quite fun! I am excited to be leveling up and honestly can’t wait to hit CP160. I feel like I’m rushing a bit, but I’m holding off on the main quest lines until then so I’ll still have plenty of story left. I’m getting most of my leveling from bosses and dungeons anyways, so there are still so many hours of gameplay left.

Until I reach CP 160, I’m very aware I’m not as helpful as higher level players and need to keep that in mind when doing groups. Soon though… Soon Vivienne will be a force to be reckoned with! Lol.