Hello! So I thought I should do a little introduction of my recent experiences and the main character I play with – Vivienne Narri. Vivienne is an imperial nightblade with her main role being a DPS. I primarily use dual wielding daggers with her, although I think shortly I’ll move into swords and maybe some other one-handed weapons. At the time of writing this, Vivi is at level 40 and I cannot wait to get to level 50, and then CP150!

I have owned ESO for nearly a year, I would say, and played a bit last year. I’ve never gotten into the social aspect of the game. I’m quite nervous talking to new people and have a bit of social anxiety, not to mention plenty of confidence issues, and all of that pretty much keeps me from socializing in person or online.

I ended up joining a guild called Allegiance of Honor (AoH) simply because they were advertising in the zone chat. They mentioned being a friendly & helpful guild, and thought that would probably be a good thing for me, haha. I had been in the guild and playing about a week or so when the guild master (GM) whispered me and asked me if I would be a DPS in a random dungeon. I hesitantly said sure, but it was too late. They found someone else. He said he would ask me again in a bit. Well, a bit later came and he did ask me. I was unbelievably nervous, and I’ll just share a few lines of the conversation here… Lol.

Me: What is a DPS? Lol

GM: haha, you scared me there for a second!

Yep. So, I had no idea what a DPS was. Talk about an anxiety spike! And that’s what I get for throwing that ‘Lol’ in there! I can’t say I blame him, most gamers seem pretty sarcastic. I went hurriedly to Google and found out DPS stands for ‘damage per second.’ It’s basically a role in a group that does damage to the boss. The GM also asked me to join discord… another anxiety spike. I very hesitantly joined discord. To make a long story short, it all worked out and was a great experience. The group members were pretty quiet, but very patient with me, as they had to explain everything to me… I mean, everything. I had never been in a dungeon and had never grouped up.

I thanked the group and especially the GM for being patient and explaining so much to me. I then went on to do several more dungeons that week. I’m honestly surprised we made it, as I was only a level 12 or something at that point… And now, almost 2 weeks later, Vivi is level 40! Joining AoH has really helped me since I’ve joined and I’m looking forward to continuing to play in groups and meeting new people 🙂