So… a blog for my gaming adventures, huh? Yeah, never thought this would happen, haha. I have a reason though – really! So, I like to talk and share my experiences and thoughts with pretty much whatever I do. I’ve noticed in my last 2 weeks of rather intense gaming, when I stop and go to bed I just keep thinking about what I did in the game… Some moments over and over. It keeps me awake, which isn’t helpful considering I stay up playing pretty damn late most of the time.

Last night was a bit of a rough night on the game that shot at my confidence a bit, and I was doing my textbook overthinking. I decided to get my phone out and type it out and get it out of my brain. It couldn’t have hurt – I had been in bed for over an hour already. So, I typed out my frustrating little story and put my phone down, and ZAP – I was asleep!

I figured I’ll put some of the stories and experiences out there for people, as I’m very new to the gaming community. I figure a lot of us have a lot to learn and why not share the experiences with each other? I actually can’t wait to learn more and become more experienced to help other people learn about ESO πŸ™‚

If you’re on – feel free to hit me up! My name is @Antoinette57

Happy gaming! πŸ˜€